Impossibly possible

Meatless Meat? It’s true, there is a new “meat” trend with no meat! Can you imagine ordering the juiciest, tastiest, and flavor-filled burger you’ve ever experienced in your lifetime, and later being informed it was not beef? That is what happened to Demario Green, a veteran student at Hillsborough Community College (HCC).

My story is about Impossible Meat and I am writing it now to provide readers with information on a vegan alternative for “meat. This story is for HCC students who are vegan, vegetarian, or on a meatless diet.

My main human source will be Green who happens to fit the “meatless diet” category. He will be answering questions regarding taste, texture, and prices. I still need to conduct a full uninterrupted interview with Green to complete my story. I will be obtaining information on the Impossible Meat from various websites as well as my live source.

Blog 4: Interview Research

For the interview, I selected my husband Demario Green. I chose him because he is a United States Marine Corps veteran that served his country for 7 years. His story to me is so compelling because I see what he has accomplished first hand. Not only do I see what he has accomplished but all of the adversity he has faced since leaving the military. He is a full-time student and father to two children, which is more than fantastic. The only challenges I had to face was finding the time to conduct the interview. Between his classes and my own, I barely had time to ask the necessary questions I needed answered. However, I told him a day to mark in his calendar as an appointment so I could get the interview completed. I already had the questions written out I just needed him to answer them so they could be typed.

Veteran Student

American Flag

Anxiety, depression, hyper-vigilance, frustrated, easily agitated, and lonely. These are normal adjectives that describe Demario Green who is a Hillsborough Community College (HCC) student. Green is just like your average college student except he is also a veteran. All things that a United States Veteran should never have to face alone, Green still finds himself fighting the good fight alone. Green faces mental health issues, financial issues, and mistreatment.

May you give a little background on your career choice?

What caused you to leave the military after sacrificing so much of your time?

How long did you serve in the Armed Forces?

Where were you stationed?

What made you return to school?

What were the hardest parts throughout your educational journey?

Has school ever triggered your PTSD?

How do you manage your personal life with your school life?

Does HCC offer you counseling or therapy?

How do you feel as a veteran student?

An Interview With a Stranger

Hello all! If I could interview anyone, I would interview Tupac Shakur. I listen to Tupac’s song “Changes” every morning, and every morning I can relate it to something current happening within our country. During the interview I would ask Mr. Shakur a series of questions starting with what was his inspiration for that song. I would ask how he feels about the legalization of marijuana, yet the people arrested before it was legal are not being released. I would ask how he feels about the police brutality propaganda in the news recently. Within the lyrics of his song he speaks on all of these things and that song was written in 1992. That is a year before I was born. The final question I would ask Mr. Shakur would be,“ Do you believe America is getting better with discrimination or is everything the same as it was back when the song was written?” At the end of the song Tupac says, “Some things will never change”. I believe that because my mom always says, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” meaning history will always repeat itself.

My Introduction

I Am Me

Welcome to my Blog DNS! My name is Sallie Green and my favorite color is green, just kidding! I like to
laugh and make people laugh but my content is as real as it gets. I am a full-time college student
majoring in English focused on Creative Writing and Mass Communications. Yes, I am that overachiever
college student everyone talks about. You know, the one that reminds the professor of the homework
nobody else in the class completed. Too soon? Ok. I love to read, but here’s the shocker, I never saw
myself as a writer. I am good at writing, I even won national awards throughout grade school, but it was
not my first career choice. I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice because I wanted to be a
Juvenile Defense Attorney. Needless to say, I met my husband and he asked me “What would your
dream job be if you could do anything for whatever amount of money you want?” I said I would write
fantasy novels, so VOILA, I am pursuing my dream career. On my blog you can expect to read current,
local, and truthful content. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the written journey!

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